Test post

Nov 13

This is a test post.

I am bold!  I like being underlined.

ASP.Net SiteMap and SiteMap Provider resources

Oct 03


Consumer Survey

May 01

I’m doing a consumer survey right now at http://pranzu.com.  It’s only a few questions long, and for participating, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a $50 Visa gift card.  The survey ends on May 16th, 2012.  Thanks for your help and good luck!  I hope you win.

CSS3 and HTML 5 Resource List

Mar 16

Michael Palermo IV has a list of CSS3 resources on his blog here:


Dan Wahlin  has his own list of favorite CSS3 and HTML5 tools on his blog at:

SEO Beginner’s Guide

Mar 16

Pretty solid (and free) beginner’s guide to SEO.  I’m no expert, but the ideas the author has seem to be coming from an informed individual.


Quickstart for Leasing Your Ideas to Companies

Mar 16

Having an idea can be easy for some people.  On the other hand, patenting, manufacturing, marketing, fulfilling orders, etc is a daunting collection of tasks.  It’s common place for an inventor to sell their idea to another company and just take a small piece of the pie for sharing it.  Here’s a quick walk-through of the process:


Web Keyboard Shortcuts and Hot Keys

Mar 16

An article about how web based applications are making a wider space for themselves by replacing older applications.  One thing that’s helping them to be more user friendly is the fact that more applications are using keyboard shortcuts and hot keys to increase user productivity.



How to Prepare to Deploy a Web Project

Mar 16

There are many things to take into consideration when deploying an update to your site.  How will it affect users who are currently logged in?  How many times will you have to restart IIS?  How do you prevent users from accessing the site while you’re working on it?

This article from Microsoft sheds some light on the subject.


jQuery Tutorials for Designers

Mar 16

This blog post is a good resource to learn how to do some basic, but cool, jQuery patterns.

  • Simple Slide Panel
  • Simple Disappearing Effect
  • Chain-able Transition Effects
  • Two Accordion Designs
  • Two Animated Effects
  • Make an Entire Block Clickable
  • Collapsible Panels
  • Immitating WordPress Comment Admin
  • Image Replacement Gallery
  • Different Link Styles


Cool HTML5 Geolocation Ideas

Mar 13

I’ve been holding onto the November 2011 MSDN Flash for a while so I could put a link to this Geolocation article.  I thought the article was well done and was very informative.  As the web moves forward and more people have smart devices, we’ll probably see a exodus to applications that are driven to the user’s geographic location.